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Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) is responsible for assessing all property in Ontario and provides municipalities with a wide range of assessment services.

Using AIM to View GIS Data  

A web-based e-learning solution was used to augment the rollout of a new system, the Assessment Information Mapper (AIM), that allows users to view GIS data. A lesson on the navigation and use of the AIM system and a simulation exercise, that enables users to practice some of the procedures outlined in the lesson, was delivered on MPAC’s Intranet using our custom Learning Delivery System (LDS).

The small AIM development team expects the e-learning solution to efficiently rollout the new system to 1000 geographically dispersed users over a 6-month period and provide ongoing support to the user community.

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Training for Integrated Property System (IPS)

A large, multi-year information technology project – Integrated Property System (IPS) - was launched at MPAC to create and rollout new functionality affecting every employee and many of MPAC’s stakeholders. The training challenge was to ensure the IPS rollout encouraged all staff to fully utilize the system both during and after their training.

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