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Blended Learning at Hydro One Captures and Delivers Vital Knowledge  

Hydro One operates the electricity transmission and distribution system for the province of Ontario. It is one of the largest electrical power systems in North America with over 270 transmission stations and 28,500 kilometers of transmission lines serving an area of approximately 640,000 square kilometers. In 2003 Hydro One transmitted 152 TWh to a total of 12 million customers.

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Courses by Wire and Hydro One Networks were joint winners of this Best Use of Blended Learning  Brandon Hall Award for this project

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Vital Need ...

Vital Knowledge ...

Due to centralization and retirement, senior management at Hydro One realized that within 5 years there could be a shortage of experienced system controllers for both operations and the mentoring of new controllers.

A curriculum for a new training program was designed using blended learning strategies that included e-learning courses customized to address internal processes and skills. Critical to the success of the training program was an affordable Learning Delivery System (LDS) that measured and tracked results.

... Vital Results

Overall the program to date is a success. Feedback from trainees themselves indicates that they valued the training program with 86.5% stating that the curriculum was challenging but effective.

Senior management at Hydro One is very pleased with the results to date and the training program is on track to meet the overall objective of graduating 24 electrical system controllers.